There’s no need to say that a motivated staff is an essential part of the golden triangle in Education: Building, teaching methods & human resources. All the staff in Hellerup showed that they truly believed in such an educational challenge. I had the pleasure to meet the Head. He welcomed me in his bright office with a view. What a View!

He confessed that it was hard in the beginning but now many teachers apply for a job in Hellerup skole. It is a popular school among young teachers and those who definitely seek for a change of paradigms in Education.

The result is as good as simple.Some teachers specialize in something, that is, Maths, social skills, languages, new technologies,etc and then provide their colleagues with inset courses. They share knowledge and experiences. 2.0 teachers working in a 2.0 school. And best of all, social life in Hellerup. The staffroom was unique. It was just like a  chill out on the beach. It was equipped with folding chairs, coffee/tea facilities, a fitted kitchen, barbeque, a terrace, exercise bikes, plants,etc.

It was also interesting to see the full commitment of the staff. For instance, the Science teacher was in charge of a little barn in the attic which the little kids were allowed to visit everyday. Even during his summer break he was coming to school to look after the animals.

Hellerup Skole is an innovative school not just because of the extraordinary use of architecture, teaching methods and human resources but also they believe they can really make a change.

It has certainly been worth the visit as both a dad and a teacher.

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