IS EFL ( teaching English as a foreign language ) DEAD?

I might sound a bit fatalistic or prophetic but what I actually mean is that teaching English as a Foreign Language should be considered as a method belonging to a recent past. In a world which is increasingly more global, English is not spoken just by natives anymore. We need to deal with a wider scope.

In my case, I have lived in the UK for years and been trained as a primary teacher; some of my best friends are English; I work as a teacher using the English language as a medium to teach and communicate everyday; I speak English at home but I am not an English-speaking native or live in the UK any longer.

This is why I applied for a teaching post in Spain when I was still living in London. I just wanted to make a change in teaching languages, especially an international language such as English. I could not simply conceive the idea of teaching English as a foreign language in the 21st century. The approach needs to be radically different. Modern languages shouldn’t be taught as subjects anymore. A National curriculum should be flexible enough to allow schools organise and implement languages as part of the daily teaching & learning process as well as the school life.

I have been working on a Bilingual Project ( English – Spanish integrated curriculum ) for 10 years and I have seen such a remarkable progress, not just on academic results but also in terms of the perception of a different language and Culture from the wide school community. For me, this is the future. And I’m sure that it’s not going to be a bed of roses. But I think everybody’s well aware of that we all live in a global world, in a digital era. People & places are more connected and closer than ever. Are governments and Education authorities taking notes?

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NATIONAL CURRICULUM:,_Wales_and_Northern_Ireland)

One Response to “IS EFL ( teaching English as a foreign language ) DEAD?”
  1. Mairead Doherty says:

    Hi Alberto,

    I’ve been looking to get into the bilingual programme for the year 2012-2013. However I can’t find any current information on applying on the internet. I know I saw it there two years ago but now it seems to be gone. Have they stopped hiring native English speaking teachers for these positions?
    I’m a primary trained teacher and would love the chance to work within the project. I hope you don’t mind me writing but I’ve been searching on the internet and your page came up.
    Hope to hear from you

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