Teachmeet is a well organised informal meeting for teachers to share good practice, personal insights and projects in teaching  with technology .  So the main objective is to take all these ideas and use them in class or schools straight away.

Teachmeet  London 2012 was held at BETT. As I was already attending BETT  I registered online for a teachmeet ticket and also voluntereed to present my project MR. GARRIDO.  Only two rules to bear in mind:  presentations were meant to last no more than 7 minutes and presenters ( just volunteers) had to be chosen at random.

The Apex room at Olympia welcomed us all on Friday evening. When everybody was seated the event  kicked off with a big thank you from organisers to sponsors and all attendees ( about 250) . After being delighted for a little while with some of these short presentations from mainly English, Irish or American teachers I had a stroke of luck when I was called to present . I just started my presentation by greeting the audience and thanking the organisers for enabling me to take part . Then,  I talked about how to create and use a Facebook fan page as  a  powerful teaching and learning tool. In other words, showing and highlighting the positive use of social media by getting both parents and children involved.

It was such a rewarding experience. I met great, enthusiastic teachers presenting very creative projects using technology, friendly and proffesional organisers who chaired  this formal-informal event  so brilliantly and again, I found real networking beyond limits.

It happened to be my first teachmeet , but I had such a warm welcome that I’m  just looking forward to the next one. .

Maybe, time to organise a teachmeet in Spain?

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