It’s never easy for teachers to fit together all the different parts of the teaching & learning process successfully. In my case, improving English Language competence ( especially  English as a Foreign language ) fostering creativity and collaboration as well as adding the technology has turned out to be a great challenge beyond my own expectations. ” Creating Fairy tales” is an example of a project that celebrates this as well as the children’s willingness to express creativity, originality and uniqueness of work.

To start with, Y2 children would choose characters and settings using an Ipad2 application called “ Puppet pals“. Soon they were set to work in mixed-ability pairs and small groups  to discuss and make decisions about it. Then they were asked to write a simple dialogue. Prior to this, the children were shown a few examples of how dialogues could be written.

Over the next session, they started to show more confidence with their dialogues and gradually were able to extend them with more vocabulary and structures. It was a very important part of the creative process.They were provided with countless opportunities to explore the limits of their language. It happened to be great fun and a confidence boost for the kids.

Needless to say, the emphasis was on fluency and not accuracy unless the latter  impeded communication.

The children worked very hard to make sure they could record their dialogues using “Puppet pals” as videos. We all practiced features such as intonation, rhythm, expression as well as of course, reading and writing.

All the videos were seen and assessed by the kids with success criteria. Thus, they could stand another chance to record their videos again and improve their oral skills.

The result is a wonderful range of simple fairy tales which intend to blend Language competence, creative & collaborative learning and the pedagogical use of technology efficiently.





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