Two weeks ago we had a very special visit at Rosales Del Canal Primary school. Ruth and Justin unloaded their van and displayed a wide range of English books in the school hall for two days. Classroom teachers took their students to see the book fair during the morning and afternoon sessions. Ruth and Justin used some of their many books to entertain children with stories and songs for a little while. After that, the children were allowed to take a look carefully at the books. I have to confess that some of them had it very clear which book to buy after school.

It turned out to be an extraordinary event. Mums, dads, anties, big sisters and brothers, Bilingual teachers, Spanish teachers, all sharing one love: browsing and reading books as well as showing respect to other languages and cultures. Instilling a love for reading in a foreign language makes much more sense when you organise events like this school book fair, especially when you manage to get a wider community hugely involved in such experience. Even though the school is already bilingual and many sessions are delivered in English through an integrated curriculum, it’s vital for teachers, children and their families to enjoy this kind of real experiences.

It’s great to see that, after a few weeks, children still bring their own books willing to share with other children in class. Most have understood how wonderful is to be bilingual and be able to read in different languages. It’s definitely our mission to provide children with countless opportunities to raise an awareness of language & culture enrichment as part of bilingual education programmes, not just within academic contexts but also in a wide variety of natural environments. Worth giving a try!!!


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