LEGOLAND PARK ZARAGOZA: Students taking over

Legoland Park Zaragoza is a genuine PBL project that combines active methodologies with the teaching & learning of the English language in a bilingual classroom. It also provides young children with the amazing experience of implementing robotics and using social media within a meaningful context. The project allows students to show great motivation through all … Continue reading

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY, MATE! : A cross-curricular project in the bilingual classroom

Happy Australia day is a cross-curricular and PBL ( Problem based learning ) project that sparks the children’s curiosity to learn about the history , culture & life in Australia. 8/9 year old Spanish children inmerse themselves in this amazing adventure of discovering and learning with a purpose: celebrating the Australia day in our Bilingual … Continue reading


Once again I had the great pleasure to run a 3-day training course in Milan with Italian Primary teachers coming from different bilingual schools in the region as the main protagonists. I have to confess that it was a fantastic challenge for me to show some of the work I do as a Bilingual teacher … Continue reading