LEGOLAND PARK ZARAGOZA: Students taking over


Legoland Park Zaragoza is a genuine PBL project that combines active methodologies with the teaching & learning of the English language in a bilingual classroom. It also provides young children with the amazing experience of implementing robotics and using social media within a meaningful context. The project allows students to show great motivation through all the stages as the idea of learning about Lego ( leg godt = play well ) comes from their show and tell activities in class.

Emphasis is put on critical thinking as kids as young as 9 are encouraged to create their own Legoland park with the most spectacular attraction in the world: the big croc. They will plunge into this creative process in collaboration with others in order to analize, evaluate, design and advertise their attraction & park using a wide range of curricular areas such as Literacy, Geography, Maths, etc. They will learn to work from a holistic and meaningful perspective through active & flexible roles from both students and teachers. Students will succeed in using English as the only medium to learn and share their knowledge, skills and work with others thanks to the British Council Bilingual project in our public school. Let’s LEGO!!!



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